General Litigation

Unfortunately, disputes happen. Business disputes, Contract disputes, Property disputes, Family disputes, Landlord-Tenant disputes, Banking and Lending disputes, and a myriad of other types of disagreements can arise to cause disruption and conflict in everyday life.

The attorneys at Beacham and Kiegel have over 50 years combined experience in resolving Civil disputes by negotiated settlement or by litigation in a Court of Law in all jurisdictions.

If you are confronted with any type of dispute or disagreement, or if you are served with a Civil Lawsuit in any Court of the State of New Jersey, contact Beacham and Kiegel for a No-Cost consultation regarding your matter. In most cases, an attorney will meet with you to gather all facts, and provide an opinion as to the merit of your matter, along with a plan for resolving your matter in the most expeditious and cost effective manner.

The attorneys at Beacham and Kiegel have vast knowledge and experience handling all types of civil litigation matters, including but not limited to matters involving:

  • Business or Commercial
  • Real Estate or Property
  • Landlord – Tenant
  • Family or Domestic
  • Mortgage Foreclosure

If you are confronted with a Civil dispute that you are unable to resolve, or if you are served with a lawsuit by Summons and Complaint, immediate attention may be needed to avoid Default or expiration of a Statute of Limitations. Contact the office of Beacham and Kiegel by phone or email, and be assured that you will receive direct, competent, experienced and appropriate advice regarding steps needed to resolve your matter and remove the burden and anxiety of protracted dispute resolution.

Unfortunately, disputes happen. Fortunately, Beacham and Kiegel can help.

**Hourly, Flat Fee and Contingency fee arrangements are available. Please call for more information.


Purchase and Sale of a Home

The PURCHASE and SALE of real property is often a complex mix of high finance and heightened emotion. Cordial and professional relationships with Realtors, mortgage lenders, title insurance companies, property inspectors, surveyors and other industry professionals greatly assists in ensuring that each transaction proceeds efficiently and properly to the satisfaction of each client. The attorneys at Beacham and Kiegel will take time to explain each issue, answer each question, and pay special attention to eliminate unnecessary cost to each client.

Rest assured that Beacham and Kiegel will provide professional and valuable guidance and advice; will efficiently process your transaction, and will protect your rights every step of the way.

Services include:

  • Attorney Review of Contract for the Sale, including single/multiple family homes, condominiums, vacant land, new construction, business properties, and For Sale By Owners, etc.
  • Examine the status of title to property, to ensure that a seller or buyer is providing and accepting good and marketable title, free and clear of liens or improper encumbrances.
  • Assist in coordinating all property inspections issues; review all property inspection reports, and negotiate any property repairs, credits or adjustments prior to closing.
  • Coordinate all mortgage financing, including satisfaction of lender conditions and disbursement of lender funds pursuant to lender instructions.
  • Preparation of transfer documents including Deeds, Affidavits of Title, 1099 Tax Reporting Forms, Survey Affidavits, Residency Certifications, Use and Occupancy Agreements, Escrow Agreements, etc.
  • Professional attorney attendance at closing to ensure all funds are properly exchanged, all proper fees are paid, all appropriate adjustments are accurate, and all documents are properly prepared, signed, exchanged, and recorded pursuant to New Jersey law.

The base flat Legal Fee for the SALE of property ranges from $900.00 to $1,100.00 depending on the complexity of the transaction. The base flat Legal Fee for PURCHASE of property ranges from $1,000.00 to $1,200.00 depending on the complexity of the transaction. The firm will also charge for out-of-pocket expenses such as postage, overnight mail, etc. In addition, fees may be charged for extraordinary services such as preparation of uncustomary documents, long distance travel to the closing office, contracts cancelled prior to closing, etc.

If you have any questions regarding the PURCHASE or SALE of any residential or commercial real property, please feel free to contact Beacham and Kiegel for a free, no-obligation consultation regarding your matter.

PLEASE NOTE: Referrals from local professional such as Realtors, Mortgage Loan Officers, and Title Professional are gladly accepted and greatly appreciated.


Divorce and Family Matters

New Jersey law now permits married individuals who face “irreconcilable differences” to file for No-Fault Divorce. In many cases, your No-Fault Divorce may proceed in an Uncontested manner, and a judgment of Divorce issued with only one Court appearance.

A No-Fault Divorce can be filed and completed quickly, without undue anxiety and with less expense than protracted and heavily contested matters. Ending a marriage is often sad and unfortunate; but in many instances, necessary. If you and your spouse feel that divorce is your best option, please contact Beacham and Kiegel for a strictly confidential consultation to discuss your marital situation.

Of course, not all Divorce and Family matters are simple. Often, significant assets need to be divided, alimony must be apportioned, and child care and visitation issues arise. More complex and contested Divorce and Family related matters are handled routinely at Beacham and Kiegel.

If you are confronted with the prospect of Divorce, or if you have unresolved Family matters such as Child Support, Family Court Motions, or need for modification of prior Orders, a no-obligation consultation with an attorney at Beacham and Kiegel can help to alieve uncertainty, put your matter into perspective and move toward full resolution as soon as possible.


Landlord – Tenant Matters

Eviction is the most common legal action faced by a Landlord or Tenant in New Jersey, and most Eviction matters are filed for failure to pay rent. The attorneys at Beacham and Kiegel represent Landlords and Tenants confronted with issues related to failure to pay rent, as well as other enforceable grounds for Eviction such as violation of Lease terms, destruction of property, harassment or disorderly conduct, theft of property, etc.

New Jersey Landlord-Tenant law is complex. Property registration, proper Notice and filing provisions and Security Deposit laws may be strictly construed, and are often overlooked by both Landlords and Tenants. While assistance of counsel cannot be required, a mistake or misunderstanding of any aspect of the law can cause a Tenant to become evicted or a Landlord to lose rights to recover property or lost rent.

If you are confronted with any potential legal situation as a Landlord or Tenant, contact Beacham and Kiegel for an in-person consultation regarding your matter before your rights are compromised by unexpected or unforeseen Court action.


Wills and a Basic Estate Plan

The legal preparation and witnessed execution of basic estate planning documents such as a Last Will and Testament (a "Will"), Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney are essential components to a complete and proper Basic Estate Plan suiting the needs of most individuals. Though often overlooked, these necessary documents will ensure that health care wishes are properly provided, your resources are not unnecessarily diminished, and your assets are provided to your designated beneficiaries.

Documents comprising a Basic Estate Plan consist of the following:

  • Last Will and Testament...commonly known as a "Will"
    A "Will" is a legal document that provides for outright distribution of the assets comprising your estate. A properly prepared and properly executed Will provides guidance for the administrator of your estate, and allows for distribution of your assets as you direct, and not pursuant to the applicable intestacy statues or laws of the State.

    Your "Will" designates the person(s) that will receive your assets upon death (known as your "beneficiaries"); and designates the person(s) that will distribute your assets (known as your "Executor"). Your "Will" may also provide for designation of a Trustee or Guardian for minor children.
    In order to be legally valid and accepted for probate, your Will must be properly prepared and executed with all legal formalities, including proper execution in the presence of Witnesses.
  • Living Will
    A "Living Will" is a document that will direct others, most often physicians, regarding your medical treatment in the event that you are incapable of communicating your wishes or decisions in the future. The "Living Will" designates the person(s) that will have power to make important decisions regarding your medical care, including the power to terminate life support.
  • Power of Attorney
    A "Power of Attorney" is a document that appoints an "Agent" for you, and also authorizes your agent to perform certain specified acts on behalf of you, the "Principal". A "General Durable Power of Attorney" will authorize your agent to perform many acts on your behalf, including authorization to access bank accounts, transfer funds, and purchase and sell real estate and other assets. The "Durable" feature of the document will allow the appointment to remain valid in the event you are disabled and unable to make decisions regarding assets or personal affairs.

    Proper and legal preparation and execution of the above documents will create a Basic Estate Plan for persons of modest estates. More intricate estate plans are available, depending on the need of the client. Consultation with a tax or accounting professional is also advised in conjunction with the preparation of any estate plan.

    Preparation of your Will or your Basic Estate Plan is not burdensome or costly. In fact, your entire estate plan can be created with a telephone consultation, completion of basic information forms, and one office meeting. If you are interested in a FREE CONSULTATION regarding preparation of a Will, a Basic Estate Plan or any estate planning documents, please contact Beacham and Kiegel by phone or email. Information forms and precise information regarding affordable legal fees will be provided by email, and your Basic Estate Plan will be ready to finalize as soon as you desire.


Municipal Court and Criminal Matters

Traffic violations, drug offenses, neighbor disputes, Driving Under the Influence and other similar matters that require an appearance in Municipal or Criminal Court are best handled by a competent experienced attorney that will work to prevent or minimize penalties that can detrimentally impact your life.

No Municipal Court or Criminal matter is simple, and unforeseen consequences can cause financial burden, loss of your livelihood and even loss of freedom should a sentence of jail time be imposed.

If you are summoned to Court to face charges related to:

  • Traffic offenses: Speeding, Careless/Reckless Driving, Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving Without License/Registration/Insurance, etc.
  • Drug Offenses
  • Assault and/or Battery
  • Municipal Ordinance or Building Code Violations
  • All Criminal matters

Your rights may be significantly compromised without proper legal representation. The State will be represented in your matter by an experienced Prosecutor. You should not proceed alone.

Call Beacham and Kiegel for a free consultation regarding your matter before your rights or liberty are needlessly compromised the strong arm of the law.